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News for 2018

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The following players gained their next grades up.
Ruben Brookes - 1st Mon
Callum Baker - 2nd Mon
Oliver Benson - 2nd Mon
Sarah Nicholls - 2nd Mon
Evie Woodham - 2nd Mon
Samuel Chadwick - 3rd Mon
William O'Connell - 3rd Mon
Elic - 4th Mon

There will be no judo on Good Friday the 30th March and from Friday the 6th April, the club will have a trial period at new session times for seniors.

Juniors will still be 6.30 to 8:00 pm but the seniors will overlap with their session, starting at 7:00 and finishing at 8:30pm.

Certificates of participation:
Callum Baker
Ethan Baker
Eleanor Benson
Oliver Benson
Ruben Brooks
Samuel Chadwick
Alice Fuller
William O'Connell
Sarah Nicholls
Monty Williams
Evie Woodham

Certificates of achievement:
Helena Fuller-Harvey competed and won GOLD at British Championships, Heart of England, NHC Open, Midlands Open, West of England Open, Schools Nationals, West of England Closed; SILVER at Eastern area Open; BRONZE at English Open, North West Open, London Open and Welsh Open
Callum Woodham competed and won GOLD at British Minors, Western area Open; SILVER at Western area Closed, Somerset Open; BRONZE at English Minors, Midland area Open and Western area Schools

Callum Woodham : First 35/45
Elic : Second 30/45

Spirit of Judo Trophies :
Evie Woodham
Ruben Brooks

Coach player of the year Trophy :

Club player of the year Trophy :
Callum Woodham

No Judo tonight because of the snowy weather conditions. Stay warm, cozy and safe.