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News for 2010

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We had a number of players selected by the County of Gloucestershire for this competition, all of whom performed well. The medals were as follows:
Gloucestershire boys under 12 - Gold
Gloucestershire boys over 12 - Silver
Gloucestershire youth boys - Silver
Gloucestershire girls under 12 - Bronze
Gloucestershire girls over 12 - Bronze

Joshua Cole - 2nd mon
Daniel Hill - 2nd mon
Christian Jerome - 3rd mon
Benjamin Jerome - 3rd mon
Alfie Frith - 4th mon
Samara Frith - 4th mon
Elliot Greaves - 4th mon
Felix Greaves - 4th mon
Morgan Greaves - 4th mon
Rebecca Norris-Giglio - 6th mon
Luke Baker - 7th mon
Evan Barber - 9th mon
Izabelle Butler - 12th mon
Josh Hope - 3rd Kyu
Robin Jerome - 3rd kyu

This was a very good event put on by the County of Gloucestershire who expressed their thanks to all at the club who gave their time to making the event a success.
We had a fair number of entries from the club, all of whom performed well against stiff competition in their categories. The following players excelled and came away with medals:
Kameron butler - Bronze
Rhys Long - Bronze
Carrie Nicholls - Bronze

Daniel Hill - 1st mon
Christian Jerome - 2nd mon
Benjamin Jerome - 2nd mon
Alfie Frith - 3rd mon
Samara Frith - 3rd mon
Elliot Greaves - 3rd mon
Felix Greaves - 3rd mon
Morgan Greaves - 3rd mon
Luke Baker - 6th mon
Kameron Butler - 6th mon
Luke Baldwin - 10th mon
Izabelle Butler - 11th mon
Josh Hope - 4th Kyu
Karl Mitchell - 4th Kyu
Robin Jerome - 4th Kyu
Chris Giglio - 3rd kyu

We had good fun at the club picnic, the weather was kind to us, the food was good and we played lots of games.

We had 9 judoka attend the Bradley Stoke training/competition day and they did Newent Judo Club proud, by bringing home 2 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals.

The results were as follows:
Kameron butler - Gold
Cellen Long - Gold
Christian Jerome - Silver
Alfie Frith - Bronze
Samara Frith - Bronze
Ben Jerome - Bronze
Carrie Nicholls - Bronze
Brodie Nicholls - Bronze
Rebecca Norris - Bronze

See the members page for a quick view from the clubs past. I found 2 old newletters designed and printed by 15 year old Elaine O'Connell to raise money to buy judo mats.

The hoodies have arrived. Anyone wanting other items with the Newent Judo Club logo can go to the QEP website (see Miscellaneous links), ask Lorraine for a catalogue or pop into the National Schoolwear Centre at 99 Northgate St, Gloucester.

preview of article in Kokakids
Look on page 28 of the KokaKids magazine - out now.

Lists all junior award winners as well as 2 pictures.

Remember this magazine is for juniors and loves to print your judo related stories, so if you have any, with pictures as well, I will pass them on to the editor for you.

Kokakids is a magazine published 3 times a year, the club buy copies for the children that pay by standing order, to all others the cost is GBP3.25.

There were a few non attendees at the February grading and as these were ready to grade they graded this week.

Evan Barber - 8th mon
Luke Baldwin - 9th mon
Sean Frith - 2nd kyu

The Clive Taylor Memorial Championships were held in Birmingham on the 27th February, we had 3 players entered and they came away with medals.

Elaine was impressed by the standard of judo performed by our players at the competition.
Our players won a gold, a silver and a bronze.
The medals were as follows:
Gold - Chris Giglio -81kg
Silver - Robin Jerome -81kg
Bronze - Sean Frith -90kg

Chris, Robin and Sean were up in Birmingham for their fist competition. Chris and Robin were entered in the -81kgs category, while Sean was on the lightside of the -90kgs group.
Chris and Robin had good techniques against their opponents, convincingly winning their first two fights, which left them to face each other in the final. Chris won this taking the Gold, while Robin took the Silver.
Meanwhile Sean struggled with the new rules, which affected his judo, so he took two fights to warm up. When he did though, his judo and good techniques came out and he threw the eventual gold medallist with Ippon in the first minute of the fight. He also won his last fight with Ippon even though he was still tempted by the leg grab opportunities. Sean would have got silver as he was on the same points as the silver medallist, but had lost his second fight to him.
So overall a good day with a Gold, Silver and Bronze for Newent Judo Club.

Report from Elaine.

Well done to them all.

Joshua Cole - 1st mon
Reece Cole - 1st mon
Christian Jerome - 1st mon
Benjamin Jerome - 1st mon
Jasmine Jupp - 1st mon
Alfie Frith - 2nd mon
Samara Frith - 2nd mon
Elliot Greaves - 2nd mon
Felix Greaves - 2nd mon
Morgan Greaves - 2nd mon
Craig Benjamin - 3rd mon
Rebecca Benjamin - 3rd mon
Cellan Long - 3rd mon
Rebecca Norris Giglio - 4th mon
Luke Baker - 5th mon
Kameron Butler - 5th mon
Mateusz Figlak - 5th mon
Michal Figlak - 5th mon
Izabelle Butler - 10th mon
Rhys Long - 11th mon
Georgia Newton - 11th mon
Brodie Nicholls - 13th mon
Carrie Nicholls - 13th mon
Josh Hope - 5th Kyu
Robin Jerome - 5th kyu
Karl Mitchell - 5th Kyu
Chris Giglio - 4th kyu
Guy Osborn - 3rd kyu

This year the weather was kind enough to allow us to have our Awards ceremonies on its appointed day the 5th February.

Certificates of participation:
Josh Cole
Ben Jerome
Christian Jerome
Izzy Butler
Jasmine Jupp

Certificates of achievement:
Luke Baker : Gained his 4th mon and took part in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Luke Baldwin : Gained his 8th mon
Evan Barber : Gained his 7th mon and got Gold in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Craig Benjamin : Gained his 2nd mon.
Rebecca Benjamin : Gained her 2nd mon.
Izzy Butler : Took part in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Kameron Butler : Gained his 4th mon.
Alfie Frith : Gained his 1st mon.
Sam Frith : Gained her 1st mon.
Elliot Greaves : Gained his 1st mon.
Felix Greaves : Gained his 1st mon.
Morgan Greaves : Gained his 1st mon.
Thomas Ives : Gained his 1st mon.
Cellan Long : Gained his 2nd mon and got Bronze in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Rhys Long : Gained his 10th mon and got Bronze in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Georgia Newton : Gained her 10th mon.
Brodie Nicholls : Gained her 12th mon and got Gold in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Carrie Nicholls : Gained her 12th mon and got Gold in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Rebecca Norris : Gained her 3rd mon and got Bronze in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Alexandra Parnell : Gained her 6th mon.
Helena Parnell : Gained her 6th mon.
Mateusz Figlak : Gained his 2nd mon and took part in Gloucestershire Open Championships.
Michal Figlak : Gained his 2nd mon and got Bronze in Gloucestershire Open Championships.

Josh Frith : Gained his 6th Kyu.
Sean Frith : Gained his 3rd kyu.
Chris Giglio : Gained his 5th kyu.
Robin Jerome : Gained his 6th kyu.
Michal Malec : Gained his 5th kyu.
Karl Mitchell : Gained his 6th Kyu.
Guy Osborn : Gained his 4th kyu.
Jaroslav Rybar : Gained his 5th kyu.

Brodie Nicholls : First 43/49
Carrie Nicholls : Second 42/49
Evan Barber : Third 38/49
Rebecca Norris : Third 38/49

Junior Trophies:

Most promising Newcomer : Jasmine Jupp

Most improved boy : Evan Barber

Most improved girl : Rebecca Norris

Coach player of the year : Christian Jerome

Club player of the year : Carrie Nicholls

Senior Trophies:

Spirit of Judo : Sean Frith

Judoka Player of the year : Chris Giglio

Most improved senior : Jaroslav Rybar

Well done to them all.