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News for 2009

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What a brilliant Christmas party, a great turnout and a lot of hungry kids as most of the food was eaten this year!
Bryan and Elaine kept the fun coming with game after game for the judoka and their siblings. Mums and Dads did us proud with their contributions to the buffet table and finally all the kids went away with handfuls of sweets from Bryan.
A small token of appreciation was given to the club volunteers as a thankyou for all their hard work this year.

The Gloucestershire Open Championships were held on the 31st October at Newent leisure Centre, we had 10 players entered and they did us proud.

Bryan and Elaine were impressed by the standard of judo performed by our squad of players at the competition.
Our players won 3 golds and 4 bronzes and even those players who didn't medal Luke Baker, Izzy Butler and Mateusz Figlak all performed well.
The medals were as follows:
Gold - Evan Barber (Boys 8-11years) +50kg
Gold - Carrie Nicholls (Girls 8-11years) -48kg
Gold - Brodie Nicholls (Girls 8-11years) +48kg
Bronze - Michal Figlak (Boys 12-15years) -60kg
Bronze - Cellan Long (Boys 8-11years) -27kg
Bronze - Rhys Long (Boys 12-15years) -50kg
Bronze - Rebecca Norris (Girls 8-11years) -40kg

See pictures on the gallery page.

Well done to them all.

Alfie Frith - 1st mon
Sam Frith - 1st mon
Craig Benjamin - 2nd mon
Rebecca Benjamin - 2nd mon
Mateusz Figlak - 2nd mon
Michal Figlak - 2nd mon
Cellan Long - 2nd mon
Rebecca Norris Giglio - 3rd mon
Luke Baker - 4th mon
Kameron Butler - 4th mon
Georgia Newton - 10th mon
Brodie Nicholls - 12th mon
Carrie Nicholls - 12th mon
Josh Frith - 6th Kyu
Robin Jerome - 6th kyu
Chris Giglio - 5th kyu
Michal Malec - 5th kyu
Jaroslav Rybar - 5th kyu
Guy Osborn - 4th kyu
Sean Frith - 3rd Kyu

We have a new Website. Geocities will no longer support websites without charging a monthly fee, so we have taken the opportunity to redevelop the website to make it accessible to all, hopefully we have achieved this objective.
Thank you to Heart Internet for giving us free webspace. is our new easier to remember domain name.

Alexandra Parnell - 6th mon
Helena Parnell - 6th mon
Karl Mitchell - 6th kyu

Craig Benjamin - 1st mon
Rebecca Benjamin - 1st mon
Elliot Greaves - 1st mon
Felix Greaves - 1st mon
Morgan Greaves - 1st mon
Thomas Ives - 1st mon
Cellan Long - 1st mon
Rebecca Norris Giglio - 2nd mon
Luke Baker - 3rd mon
Kameron Butler - 3rd mon
Alexandra Parnell - 5th mon
Helena Parnell - 5th mon
Evan Barber - 7th mon
Luke Baldwin - 8th mon
Izabelle Butler - 9th mon
Georgia Newton - 9th mon
Rhys Long - 10th mon
Brodie Nicholls - 11th mon
Carrie Nicholls - 11th mon
Chris Giglio - 6th kyu
Michal Malec - 6th kyu
Jaroslav Rybar - 6th kyu

After many delays, weather finally allowing we finished off the Awards ceremonies on the 27th February.

Certificates of participation:
Patrick Barber
Fredericko Boydell
Lewis Blacker
Izzy Butler
Dillon Grey
Cellan Long
Guy Osborn
Issy Prickett

Certificates of achievement:
Luke Baker : Gained his 2nd mon and the following medals: BSJC Mar training day = bronze BSJC Jul training day = gold.
Luke Baldwin : Gained his 7th mon
Evan Barber : Gained his 6th mon, with good attendance.
Kameron Butler : Gained his 2nd mon and the following medal at BSJC Mar training = silver.
Rhys Long : Took part in Tournoi International De Harnes (France) and the West of England Open and gained the following medals: BSJC Jul training = bronze, West of England teams = silver, with good attendance.
Georgia Newton : Gained the following medal: West of England teams = gold.
Brodie Nicholls : Gained her 10th mon and took part in the West of England Open and also gained the following medals: Stroud Oct comp = bronze, BSJC Mar training = silver.
Carrie Nicholls : Gained her 10th mon and the following medals: West of England Open = bronze, Stroud Oct comp = silver.
Daniel Norris : Gained his 1st mon
Rebecca Norris : Gained her 1st mon
Alexandra Parnell : Gained her 4th mon and the following medal at BSJC Jul training = silver, with good attendance.
Helena Parnell : Gained her 4th mon and the following medal at BSJC Jul training = bronze.
Peter Roberts : Gained his 1st mon.

Brodie Nicholls : First 45/48
Carrie Nicholls : Second 43/48
Helena Parnell : Third 38/48


Most promising Newcomer : Rebecca Norris

Most improved boy : Guy Osborn

Most improved girl : Georgia Newton

Coach player of the year : Carrie Nicholls

Club player of the year : Rhys Long

Well done to them all.